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wire and coil binding

Wire & Coil Binding

Wire O is very practical where a strong corporate bind is required such as Reports, CV's and Manuals.

The cheaper plastic variety is a good option for disposable work books and the like.


Coil binding is a colorful and versatile type of book binding chosen for its ability to fold completely overon itself or lay flat for easy working. The new materials today are plastic and metal and vary in size from ΒΌ inch to several inches. and can be made to have a very stiff cover and back with a glossy UV cured plastic coating or a traditional Acetate clear front cover and blue or black vinyl back that has been in use for decades. has automated equipment for the punching of paper and the insertion of the coils to make your book binding experience quick and trouble free. Order your book binding project online or have us do the book printing and binding as a turnkey project.