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The Gift is an easy read and it is beautifully illustrated with creative photography and colour. This is important as the author wanted to show the specialness of our sexuality.

It is particularly for young women but would cover all ages. This book covers those who have remained sexually pure, those who have been sexually active and those who have had their sexuality taken from them and been abused. So it touches on all scenarios.

It comes out of years working with people as a counsellor and a pastoral care worker in a church.

It is a simple read with key points written at the end of each chapter. The idea was to have it pocket size so it could fit in your handbag.

Included below are a couple of the endorsements as they explain it well.
The first is from Sarah Johnson who is an award winning author herself and who knows Janet through mainly music which is a music programme for children
She writes ; This book is beautifully written, in a very gentle and humane tone, for what could be a difficult subject. This reflects Janet as a person of course. Given the subject matter, there was potential for it to sound dictatorial or censorious or preachy all of which Janet has avoided skillfully and with kindness. As a result, I think this book will be an empowering message for its intended audience. And also readable and fun. No mean feat.

Another endorsement is by Maree De Jong who is an author and the senior pastor at Life church in Auckland.

She writes ; Janet has written a beautifully simple and effective book on the area of sexual purity for young women. This brings keys to those who are just heading into this aspect of life, and to those that may have unwittingly had their sexuality taken from them. This book will help young women see how God created them, and give them practical steps on how to live the life He intended for this area. a lovely and easy read for all.


About the author


Janet and her husband live in Raglan on a farm which goes down to the water.
They have four adult children ; Hannah, Jono and his wife Jo, Andrew and Daniel and one grandchild Archie. So their wider family is increasing.
Janet is actively involved in Surfside church in which her husband is the assistant pastor.
Janet is also a trained counsellor which is where some of her heart comes from in writing this book.
In her spare time she enjoys her family, friends, the garden and anything creative.


ISBN: 978-0-473-24218-3

Author: Janet Peart



Price: $24.99, freight $1.50

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