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Paperback books are less durable than their hard cover cousins, the covers here are made of thinner paper or cardboard, with glue to stick to the leaves.

Since its cost of production is low, paperbacks are produced in mass, called mass market paperbacks. These are released after the hardcover edition is published. Usually the paperbacks are sold in mass and are meant for short term reads—that is, meant for people boarding airplanes, trains, etc.

Another type of paperback edition, known as trade paperback is created with more durable paper than mass market paperbacks. usually produce this type of book as our soft cover range.


Self publishers nearly always choose soft cover books for novels as the lower production costs mean that you may get up to twice as many books for the same budget as you would in hardback.


Perfect binding is the correct name for paperback type books. It is also a myth that paperback books have paper covers, the cover is usually printed onto a heavy weight card around 300 to 450gsm.


Considerations when choosing Soft Covers


Paperback Advantage - Price


Paperbacks or softcover books are generally cheaper than hardcover books to produce. When the self publisher saves money in the production process, these savings can be passed on to the reader and the lower sale price can lead to higher sales.


Paperback Advantage - Mobility


Being able to easily take a book with you is a huge convenience. Paperbacks are much less bulky and weight less than hardbacks making the a good choice for travellers.

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Typical Paperback or Perfect Bound Books

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