Your Manuscript

Whilst the true definition of a manuscript is a hand written document it is generally accepted today that most manuscripts will be in typed format and a computer of some description.


With self publishing, to make your manuscript into your finished books we need you to follow a few simple steps to get your file into a state where we can use it to produce the books.


Firstly, you need to obvisiously type the words you want on the pages, insert any photographs or graphics you want to use in the appropriate position, your margins should be set up to the size you require and the text should be formatted to the font you would like and the headings etc


We ask that your whole book be included in one file rather than seperate files for each chapter and so on, you will also need to insert blank pages on occassions to ensure that new chapters start on the correct page etc. Also insert your credits & copyright page, we can provide you with a standardised page to cover this if you wish to use it.


At this stage you need to proof read your document, also get family and friends to proof read it as you will miss obvious mistakes sometimes even though you may read it yourself a dozen times.


When you have corrected all the errors it time to make a PDF file to send to us for printing.


See our video on "Making a PDF file".