Send us your files

Once your final file is complete and you have double and triple checked everything for errors and made your final file into a PDF its time to send your file through to us.


There are various methods of sending us your files outlined below, the one you choose is usually governed by the size or complxity of your file.




The easiest method is to email us your file, this is very convenient for small to medium sized files but please be aware that most ISP's have a cut off size for emailed files so if your file is too large it may not arrive because it will be rejected by your internet service provider.


Usually anything below 20mB is fine.




A very convenient method for larger files, dropbox can be downloaded and installed for free and can be used to store all your files in the "cloud". We use dropbox extensively for transferring files between our retail and production buildings.


File sharing websites


Similar idea to dropbox whereby you can upload large files to a file sharing website and then just email us the link to your files and we can click on the link and download them at our end. Very easy and free.




Still used extensively, we are pleased to accept your files on a disk and is a good permanent record of your files and ideal to send via courier or for personal callers to our retail shop.



Memory stick or "flash drive"


Again, ideal to send by courier or to drop in to us, the advantage is that we can copy your files off on the spot and hand you the memory stick back straigh away, these days they come in a huge range of sizes up to about 32Gb.






flash drive