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My award winning, beautifully illustrated book, my journey of healing, recovery and empowerment after a brain injury sustained from a cycling accident in Christchurch, 2005.

My book is a down to earth story set amongst the everydayness of family life, along this path of loss and adjustment, the effects of injury, having all aspects of life compromised, the longevity of recovery, the reality of rehabilitation, all the issues you become confronted by after adversity. Physically, emotionally, mentally, here is my story written with materials more raw than raw of heartbreak, drama and attitude. It is a companion and an insightful way of looking at 'self help'. Here is a story of utter determination to recover and 'get back'.

Written to raise awareness and encourage others, this is my book of anguish, laughter, thoughtfulness and truth - the brilliance amongst the madness.


About the author


Anne Margaret Mckenzie

Anne was highly functional and energetic with , a family, a business and love of cycling, when Anne’s bike and her path in life were ambushed by a flying mattress whilst riding down Dyers Pass Road in 2005. 
Anne has always wanted to 'make good' of her experience, what she experienced and learned in rehabilitation. Anne lives in Christchurch.


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2013 Independent Publisher Book Awards

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ISBN: 978-0-473-21221-6

Author: Anne Margaret McKenzie

Non Fiction





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Anne (centre) Bronze Medal winner with her book

"The Brilliance and the Madness"