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In Woolshed Yarns of the Wakatipu, Alan Hamilton tells stories of his long life not only as a shearer, but also as a farmer, gold-prospector, and hunter on and around the many sheep stations and farms that for decades were a vital part of the Wakatipu Basin economy.


About the author


Alan Hamilton's history in farming began when he was a young boy milking cows on this father's dairy farm delivering milk around Queenstown. After leaving school in 1946, Alan spent time back at the family farm until suddenly announcing he would rather shear sheep than milk cows. From stumbling beginnings with shearing blades in a woolshed "up the road", Alan went on to shear sheep for over 25 years, while developing his own sheep farm, Doonholme. He later took up deer farming and other enterprises aligned with the changing face of the Wakatipu Basin. One of the area's indentities, Alan still lives at Doonholme, where he enjoys reminiscing with family and mates and writing down his memories.



Alan's yarns provide a valuable record of a way of life that is all but gone from the Wakatipu. Many, many people will recognise relatives, friends, and their own history amongst these pages.



ISBN: 0-473-10548-9

Author: Alan Hamilton



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Woolshed Yarns of the Wakatipu