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This guide to all New Zealand Railways steam locomotive classes is unique in using a key, a type of logic tree, in which a choice at one branch then leads the user to a subsequent series of choices until a final identification is made. 78 classes are included. Technical knowledge is not required as visual characteristics are used which are illustrated in labelled photographs. Locomotives in photographs, videos and in preservation can be identified using the key, with a number of classes illustrated in the booklet for users to gain proficiency in its use.


About the author


The author, Philip Wrigley, is a regular contributor of articles to the New Zealand Railway Observer.



ISBN: 978-0-473-24241-1

Author: Philip Wrigley

Published 2013. Saddle stitched, A5 landscape format, 300 gsm cover,  26 pages, 14 b & w photographs.


Price: $13.00 , freight $2.00

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Steam Train Classes