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The 1930s to the 1960s saw the golden age of baching – a laid-back lifestyle with heaps of community spirit and enough scallops and snapper to feed an army. Extended families packed into tiny holiday homes built from all sorts of recycled stuff including ex-chicken coops, old army huts and redundant buses. These were lifestyle holidays featuring coal ranges and long drops but uncluttered by TV, telephones, BBQs or anything resembling pop culture.
This unpretentious, sharing-and-caring environment did not last long. As incomes rose, Kiwi holidays soon became much more sophisticated. So before they hold a memorial service for the last fibro bach to resist demolition or drastic modernisation this book gives a close-up of the holidays of a few lucky families who were among the early bachers at Big Bay on the Awhitu Peninsula. But the joy of baching is nationwide and these memories will also resonate with bachers, past and present, throughout New Zealand


About the author


Nola Smith first bached at Big Bay in a converted bus in the mid 1940s. Then almost all her childhood holidays were spent at the bay, surrounded by family and friends. A love of baching and the Awhitu Peninsula has never left her and she and her sister still own the family bach at Big Bay. Nigel is the author of two previous books, Kiwis Declare and Heritage of Industry.


ISBN: 978-0-473-24186-5

Author: Nola Smith


194 pages. 210mm x 190 mm. 150 photos.



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Baching at the Bay


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